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Why Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365 is a complete, intelligent solution that empowers everyone to be creative and work together, securely. Microsoft 365 brings together the best of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). Learn more about Microsoft 365, or read on to find out why Microsoft 365 is the most complete solution on the market.

Over 100 million monthly paid commercial users of Office 365

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one cloud enterprise service

More than 50,000 organizations now use Microsoft Teams

500 million monthly devices now use Windows 10

G Suite by Google

Want to make your employees more productive? Microsoft 365 delivers the most complete platform to equip your team to work together, securely.  No other cloud service, not even G Suite, can match the depth and breadth of its productivity experiences.

For business, the choice is clear

See why businesses choose Microsoft over the competition when they need a secure solution that enables today’s mobile workforce to collaborate and work smarter.

Compare Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite

No other productivity suite can match the depth and breadth of the Office 365 Enterprise lineup.

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Create business value with Office 365

In this study, Forrester evaluates how employee collaboration and business outcomes improve with the use of Office 365 E5, and it provides a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact on organizations.

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A-Z: Why Office 365?

With built-in security features, IT support, and a public roadmap, Office 365 works to support data security and employee productivity.

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Keep your company’s data secure

Ever-changing business and employee productivity needs challenge the security of your organization’s data. Office 365 E5 has the features to help you keep data secured and your company successful.

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Workplace by Facebook

Interested in moving to the cloud to support better collaboration? Compare how Workplace by Facebook stacks up against Microsoft when it comes to meeting the diverse collaboration needs and workstyles of different teams.

Engage and retain employees

See how Yammer provides an enterprise social platform for open, two-way dialogue to improve communication among employees and managers.

Compare Office 365 and Workplace by Facebook

Considering exploring Workplace by Facebook instead of fully utilizing the enterprise social capabilities of Office 365? Find out about the secured, compliant, and time-saving tools you’d miss out on.

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Connect and engage firstline workers

Office 365 delivers the right tools to maximize the impact of first line workers, making it easy for them to communicate, manage their work lives, improve their skills, and share ideas and knowledge.

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Broadcast town halls to engage employees

With a Skype Meeting Broadcast, executives can broadcast virtual town halls with full voice and HD video to engage up to 10,000 attendees who can join from anywhere on virtually any device. Execs can follow up by distributing meeting recordings and gathering feedback in Yammer.

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Share sites and content

SharePoint powers sharing and collaboration. Build sites and portals that engage people, and drive organizational efficiency by sharing applications that streamline processes.  Manage, share, and collaborate on files or folders – in team or intranet sites, inside or outside your organization.

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See why businesses choose Office 365


Looking for a modern chat experience? Microsoft Teams offers Office 365 customers a hub for teamwork that provides easy access to the information they need and the services they use every day. No other chat-based workspace on the market, including Slack, offers such fully integrated, secure experiences.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

When teams have a dedicated place that’s designed to help them work together more effectively, there’s no limit to what they can achieve.

Compare Microsoft Teams and Slack

Microsoft Teams is a teamwork hub that provides easy access to the information employees need and use every day. No other chat-based workspace offers such fully integrated experiences with enterprise-grade security.


Get the ultimate guide to chat-based tools

Employees today expect to use their favorite personal chat tools at work. Learn how to choose a workplace chat tool that’s flexible enough to meet your teams’ needs, customizable, secure, and a hub for teamwork.

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Join a Microsoft Teams live demo

Join this live demo to learn how Microsoft Teams brings together the full breadth and depth of Office 365 tools to address the unique needs and workstyle of each group.

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Discover a chat-based workspace

See how Microsoft Teams brings together people, conversations, files, and tools in one place so everyone has access to everything they need in Office 365.

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Want to share files easily and securely in the cloud? OneDrive for Business, included in Office 365, helps you do more wherever you are with secure access, sharing, and file storage – at work, at home, or on the go. No other file-storage and syncing solution, not even Box, can match it as a content collaboration platform (CCP).

Simplified sharing and files on demand

OneDrive provides a robust and scalable service to securely store, share, view, and access your content in Office 365 from anywhere and on virtually any device.

Compare OneDrive and Box

See how OneDrive with Office 365 meets the diverse needs of teams with an integrated solution which doesn’t make you rely on third-party apps or cobble together disparate tools.

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4 secrets to a connected workplace

Learn the four secrets that can empower you to connect securely to the people and content you need to transform business processes, inform and engage your employees, and harness the collective knowledge of your organization.

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Save and share files

OneDrive is the smarter online storage system that makes it simple to create, upload, and edit files from virtually any device. Your files go wherever you are with secure, hassle-free collaboration, and offline support allows you to view files even when disconnected from the internet.

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Gartner sees Microsoft as a CCP leader

With over 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies and 250,000 organizations worldwide using OneDrive and SharePoint, it’s no surprise that Gartner recognized Microsoft as a leader in the new content collaboration platform category for 2017.

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See why businesses choose Office 365


Skype for Business provides a unified platform for calling, teleconferencing, audio, video, and file sharing. It’s a proven, full-featured, fully integrated online meeting solution that Cisco cannot match.

Simplify communications in the cloud with Cloud PBX and Skype for Business

With Skype for Business, you can create connected teams that work better together. Reduce reliance on costly PBX systems and transition to the cloud.

Get the ultimate guide to chat-based tools

Employees today expect to use their favorite personal chat tools at work. But what is the right workspace for chat-based collaboration? It needs to be flexible enough to meet all your teams’ needs, be a hub for dispersing teamwork, be customizable, and stay secure.

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See the total economic impact of Skype for Business

Forrester investigated the Total Economic Impact™ of productivity software and found that a typical small business saved $170,816 annually in technical, mobile, and control and compliance benefits by adopting Skype for Business for online meetings.

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Meet and collaborate with ease

Skype for Business offers a complete meeting solution with one platform to enable greater communication for your teams. You can start an ad-hoc conversation over IM, make an audio or video call, or schedule an online meeting to easily connect with colleagues and customers from anywhere.

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Digitally transform your business with Skype for Business

As communication and collaboration quickly becoming vital to how people work, customers are increasingly turning to Skype for Business for their videoconferencing and calling needs. Microsoft is putting communication at the heart of productivity with enhancements and partner solutions in Skype for Business.

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See why businesses choose Office 365

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Get the essential productivity tools that just keep getting better with Microsoft 365.

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