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Microsoft vs. VMware

With Microsoft, customers have one consistent platform for their infrastructure, apps and data. They get to decide where they want to extend this platform to – their datacenter, their hosting service provider and/or Microsoft Azure. By contrast, VMware customers that are evaluating their cloud roadmap are faced with a myriad of confusing and expensive choices regarding private cloud and “hybrid” models. Customers brave enough to dive in have to deal with inconsistent functionality and experiences across these services.

*Assumes 15 physical hosts with 2 CPU & six cores each, 300 VMs at a VM density of 10 VMs per processor. Costs shown for 3 years for license & support, no discount applied on either sides, cost doesn’t include hardware, storage or labor costs. VMware cost includes Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter edition for running guests. Calculation uses licensing and support prices based on published U.S. suggested list prices for VMware and Microsoft as of January 2014. See more at